Timeline of Events
Produced - "I Know The Law" for Larry Whitaker
Produced Kel Lovins' acoustic instrumental album "Home At Last"
Recorded/Released "All She Wrote"
Recorded/Released "Five Minutes 'Till Sunday"
Recorded/Released "E.B. Street"
• Released "Blues (Compilation Of Blues From 1992 To Present)"
Visited Robert Johnson's Grave
Performed Live On WABG Greenwood Mississippi
Did Interviews On 106.1 FM (The Greenroom) and 102.3 FM (Fresh Music Fridays)
Relocated Quick Star Guitar Studio to Earl Brookes Music.
• Released "Scream Savor"
Setup quickstarguitar.com to sell online
• The "FLT" project ended on April 30, 2009, with the This Is "IT" show, the official launch of Kel Lovins' band "IT".
Began an instrumental project, "Scream Savor", recorded May-December 2009.
Recorded "Shadows" and "Run Like The Devil" with Kel Lovins and J.R. Shroufe. (Tony Armstrong - Producer)
• Recorded "Red River Valley" (with Shanna Purcell on vocals) for the movie "Red River".
• Performed with Kel Lovins and Johnny Hodge in the Floyd Lovins Trio
Released "Let The Cards Fall"
Performed on the soundtrack for the    movie "Stash" for Tuckywood Productions
• Released the Quick Star Guitar DVD
• Released Quick Star Guitar 
   "The Key Is Free"
• Created the Quick Star Guitar website
• Revision of the Book: Quick Star Guitar: Symbols, Shapes and Patterns
with Ilse House at Brand Avenue
• Released “Back to the Green
• Wrote “Kentucky” to promote tourism

• Began work on the Quick Star DVD
• Opened Quick Star Guitar Studio
310 Sallee St. Somerset, Ky. 42501
• Began performing with Kel Lovins on Harmonica

• Began developing The Quick Star Key 

• Served on the Board of Directors Master Musicians Festival
• Transitioned from live performance to focus on Public Service shows i.e. Libraries, Rest Homes etc.
• Performed on “Moonlight Café’” WDKY Lexington, Ky.

• Served on the Board of Directors Master Musicians Festival
• Amended copyright on The Pentatonic Guitar---now named Quick Star Guitar
(with revised look and new layout)

• Focused on performing with JR Sroufe as a power duo
• Performed at Somer-Jam and several regional nightclubs
• Opened for “Nickel Creek” at Master Musician’s Festival

• Performed “live” on WUKY with John Jackson and Mike Seeger
• Worked with the Kentucky Tourism Commission (Pennsylvania Sales Blitz)
• Worked with the EGAT Program in the Pulaski County School System
• Served as secretary for MMFAB
• Released “Sol
• Re-mastered all solo recordings and converted them from vinyl to CD

• The performance from the 1999 MMF show was featured on the KET program
• Performed at “Summer Jam 2000
• Recorded “Sol” Dec-Jan 2001

• Produced “Tunesday’s” a six-night showcase of local talent. (Over one hundred performers participated)
• Stage Manager for the “Re-Generation” (youth oriented) stage at the Master Musician’s Festival
• Performed on the “National Stage” at the Master Musicians Festival” This performance was filmed by KET.

• Awarded “Educator of the Year” by Master Musician’s Festival

• Recorded and released “Hand Picked

• Released “The Same Language”
• Released “Tune Hunter
• Published “The Pentatonic Guitar: Patterns Shapes and Symbols”

• Produced “The Same Language” a collection of original music by local teens
• Recorded “Tune Hunter

• Performed live on WDCL/WKYU Public Radio
• Performed on channel 57 (WKMT) Hazard KY
• Released “Blues from the Green

• Produced “The Holyrollers
• Acted as musical director for “Somerfest”
• Produced “Fire and Water, The Poet’s Tape” (with Tony Armstrong) for Watershed Arts Alliance
• Re-Released “One from Scratch / Tension Span
• Recorded “Blues from the Green”

• Developed one man, one guitar “Live Show
• Produced “Amon’s Nights CD for Watershed Arts Alliance

• Wrote “Guitar: Patterns and Shapes and Symbols” (a method book for guitar)
“Patterns and Shapes and Symbols” was approved by the Kentucky State Library Board and placed in all county libraries.

Began Solo Career
• Recorded and released “Thunder Road / Harlan CO. Rain” (on 7’’ Vinyl)

• Recorded and released “Tension Span
Recorded “Sticks and Stones” (not released)

• Recorded and released “One From Scratch
• Published the booklet “Guitar: Patterns and Shapes

• Discovered the first hint of what would become “Quick Star Guitar

• Recorded and released “Kidd River & Co.: The Cassette Shuffle

• Played in various working bands throughout Kentucky, Tennessee and surrounding states.  Including The Coachmen, Ransom, White Trash & Zuka Joe
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