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About Floyd Lovins
From the moment he saw the singing cowboys (Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and others) on TV Floyd Lovins wanted to play guitar. His father finally got him a Stella guitar when he was twelve years old. Although the Stella was barely playable it became Lovins’ constant companion. Within a year he was playing at a local church every Thursday night.
By the time he was sixteen he had joined a band and was playing formal shows all over south-central Kentucky. This became a twenty year run of playing anywhere the opportunity presented itself.
Lovins began teaching guitar at a local music store (Deimer’s House of Music) in Somerset, Ky. in 1981. By 1986 teaching had become a full time job. When he discovered the first hint of what would eventually become the “Quick Star Guitar” method Lovins devoted himself to developing a way of teaching guitar that was quick, easy, and above all, practical.
In 1990 Lovins began a solo career. He played festivals, live radio, TV spots and all sorts of bars, clubs and restaurants throughout the decade. He ultimately released five CDs of this one voice, one guitar format. (downloads of these are available on this site)
As the teaching became more and more successful Lovins backed away from performing as much. He focused on public service shows rather than entertainment only shows. He played Libraries, schools and nursing homes when time allowed. With the publishing of the method book (and eventually the DVD and Key) there was little time to travel and maintain a performance schedule. Teaching became the primary focus.
Now, after twenty-five-plus years of teaching, Lovins has developed a complete system of teaching guitar that is aimed at giving the beginner a good foundation to start with and the accomplished player the best way to organize their approach to constantly improve their skills and understanding of the guitar.
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